About Imaginaries

My name is Karen

I attended a ring-making workshop a few years ago and it transformed my life. I went on to do numerous courses and private training and I now design and make jewellery whenever I can in my spare time. 

I make all my jewellery at home, sitting at a little bench in my kitchen in Burnham-on-Crouch, inspired every day by walks along the Essex coast. 

Why Imaginaries? (apologies for this waffly bit) 

In my ‘normal’ life I am a sociology professor, and I have borrowed the word Imaginaries from sociology, where it is taken to mean ‘something imagined’. Jewellery is often imagined, designed, chosen, and worn to reflect a mood or a personality, or to make a statement. Or perhaps it reminds us of someone (such as a loved one) or it invokes something in nature (such as a pebble or an oyster). Jewellery is meaningful. To make jewellery is to shape what is in the imagination into something one can see, hold, touch, and wear, and add one’s own meanings to.

I would love to hear from anyone who wants to tell me what a piece of jewellery means to them. 

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