Earrings and studs

Little nuggets £10
Little Silver Nuggets

These little silver nuggets ear studs are made from little chunks of solid silver. I’ve used recycled silver, which of course is much more sustainable. They are hammered with the same pattern as my zest rings. They measure approx. 7mm to 1cm in diameter. 

Being handmade every one of these comes out a little different, and the size can vary a little too. 

You can specify an approximate specific size if you wish or simply choose large or small. 

Winter driftwood £18
Winter driftwood

These earrings are available in any length (made to order). These are 3cm long and 3.5cm. They are made from solid, sterling silver and textured with a bark effect. They are attached with a pin and scroll. 

The overall effect invokes icy cold, frozen driftwood gathered from an abandoned beach on a cold morning. 

Dangly apatite earrings £11

Apatite drops

Beautiful dainty pale green dangly earrings, handmade using apatite chip stones, sterling silver balls and sterling silver hooks. These are really delicate, shiny, and pretty, and natural.

Enso hoops £22
Zest hoop earrings

Solid sterling silver hoops. The earrings are made from solid silver 4mm wide. They are hand shaped, hand soldered, with pins and scrolls attached, and hand textured. For this reason each pair is entirely unique.
They are part of my ZEST range. I also have rings and wraparound rings in this range.

Seshat bookmark earrings £22
Seshat bookmark earrings

These dangly earrings are made from 1mm think silver sheet. They are hand cut, hand shaped and textured before the ear pin is soldered on the back. Then the whole thing is carefully polished. I have rather grandly named them for Seshat, Egyptian goddess of the written word. Seshat was keeper of the libraries, and responsible for record keeping, accounting, census taking, and measurements. Her name translates to female scribe. Why not wear a pair of earrings named for a scribe?

These are 3 ¼ cm in length but if you’d like a different length let me know. 

Enso Hoops £24
Enso hoops

One pair only, hand made unique item, hand crafted and hand textured sterling silver hoop earrings, made from a single piece of solid silver. Attached to a pin and scroll, soldered by hand. These are 4cm diameter and the silver is approx 2.3mm thick. the backs are smooth and the fronts are textured. This is the only pair I have.

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