About me

My name is Karen. I make jewellery because I love it - wearing it and making it. I do it for the pure joy that comes from seeing something beautiful emerge from a lump of metal and a few stones, and for the absolute delight it gives me to see someone get pleasure from wearing or sharing my creations. I work with simple designs that show the metals off to their best advantage, that catch the light, or invoke something worked. I am inspired by industry as well as nature, by the interaction of the human and the natural world in co-creation. Please take your time to look through the pages here, and let me know if you have any comments, queries or suggestions.

My business is small and bespoke. I like to be in personal contact with my customers where possible. So, please email or contact me. I usually respond quickly or will let you know if I am away.

Why Imaginaries?

The name Imaginaries is borrowed from sociology, where the notion is used to invoke how a place, a concept, a social group - a piece of jewellery -  can mean something over and above its instrumental use value.  To give an example, a car will get you from A to B, but it can also say something about the person driving it. A fast car says you are the sort of person who embraces danger. An economical car suggests you care about the environment, or at least about your finances. When you decorate your home, you choose colours with which to express yourself or to create a mood. It is the same with jewellery. The word imaginaries invokes inspiration, aspiration and desire. It is also about creation.